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Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto jackpot is never lower than Ä2,000,000.00 and is frequently worth in excess of Ä5,000,000.00. It can rise to Ä10,000,000 and more! The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night on national television (RTE). To win the Irish lotto jackpot, you must match the first six numbers drawn (1 to 45).

A seventh number is also drawn in Irish Lotto and it is called the 'bonus' number. Although people tend to pick their own lucky Irish lotto numbers, a 'quick pick' option is available which instructs the Lotto computer to select the player's Irish lotto numbers.
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ItaliŽ Loterij

Italie Loterij - Speel de italiaanse lotto online

Speel de italiaanse lotto online
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